Courses & Syllabus

         Makpo Offers Best Dot Net Training in Chennai. We offer Internships in Real-Life Business Applications of our clients. Students are given Practical Training in the below mentioned syllabus. The syllabus can be customized according to individual needs.
         Visual Studio 2010 .Net Compact Framework 4.0 Web Services - Alternative Solutions - Evolution of the Web - Benefits - Application Model - Introducing Extensible Markup Language - DTD to define XML Documents - Validating XML documents against a DTD - XML Schemas to define the structure of XML documents - XSL to transform the XML documents and Presenting the data in a Web Browser - XML Document Object Model - Data Presentation - Introduction to Reports – Introduction to Crystal Engine – Advantages of Crystal Reports over conventional Data Reports - Creation of Crystal Report F format – Crystal report Integration with Windows & Web Applications – Discussion on Data Handling and Reports. ASP.Net 4.0 -Visual C#.Net - ADO .NET 4.0 - Active Server Pages with XML - SOAP, ADO.Net & XML - Publishing Web Services - Discovery of Web Services - Consuming Web Services - Invoking: HTTP- GET and POST - Invoking: HTTP-SOAP - Creating a Proxy - State Management - Security Model - HTTP and Firewalls - Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - Developing High Performance Applications - Consuming Web Service in Real Time Applications - Integrating Applications - Deploying and Managing Applications. Introduction to LINQ – Advantage of LINQ in Dot Net 4.0 – Creating LINQ Query Expressions – LINQ to Objects – LINQ to ADO.Net – LINQ to XML. Use of XAML in Dot Net 4.0 – Syntax of XAML - Creating a XAML Project – First Program with Expression Blend – XAML Namespaces - Accessing XAML Objects and their Properties – Implicit Type Conversions – XAML Mark up Extensions. AJAX Architecture – Using the XMLHttpRequest object – Creating an AJAX Application – Browsers supported by AJAX – Methods & their Properties – Requesting Text/XML/ASP/PHP/HTML files from the server and Submitting Forms – Client & Server side – Microsoft Client Library for AJAX – Using AJAX Control Tool Kit - Adding AJAX to a Site.